Pearl River, Louisiana – Home of the Honey Island Swamp

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If fishing, field sports, four-wheelers, friends, or just plain old fun is something you are looking for in a place to call home, look no further. The pearl of St. Tammany, Pearl River, has it all. Pearl River is a small, close-knit town located in St. Tammany parish, where friends and family still come first. In 1964, the town reached 1500 residents and changing its name from the “village of Pearl River” to its current status of town. Prior to this designation, the town has had its fair share of names, including Halloo, Pearl, and Pearlville. Since, 1964, the town has not grown much in population, today, a little over 2,000 reside in the town. Sitting around 25 foot above sea level, it has one of the highest elevations in the parish, making the risk of flooding less likely than its surrounding St. Tammany parish neighbors. In fact, after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the population of Pearl River exploded by over 16% with people looking for higher ground, after loosing everything to high flood waters from the storm.

There is no doubt that Pearl River’s claim to fame is the beautiful Honey Island Swamp. The 250 square mile, cypress-tupelo swamp is one of the least altered swamps in the country. Honeybees can be seen all throughout the island, which is one of the reasons the island is named as it is today. The swamp has wildlife of all sorts. Wildlife is abundant and tours are recommended. On any given trip through the swamp there is no telling what type of fish, snakes, alligators, deer, hogs, or wild animals will be seen. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the Honey Island Swamp Monster. Although the monsters’ existence has never been proven 100%, many locals swear that the half human, half animal creature does exist and still thrives today, deep in the swamp of the Honey Island.

For the most part, Real Estate in Pearl River consists of large, rural lots, set in a country like setting. The average cost of a home is a steal at just under $148 thousand dollars. The city also has and excellent school system, with many four star schools.
Grades K-5 are taught at Riverside Elementary School and Sixth Ward Elementary School. Grades 6-8 are taught at Creekside Junior High School, with grades 9-12 being taught at Pearl River High School. Northminster Montessori is a great head start for the young one, teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten. View the MLS listings below and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that may arise about any of the listings below. Call Roy McLaughlin at 985.960.1829.